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“Work with Yvonne Bokhour for 30 seconds and you'll realize she has attributes that are absolutely essential to healthcare advocacy and communications:
(1) intelligence and expertise to truly understand the industry and its stakeholders;
(2) exceptional research and writing skills to uncover the full scope of complex issues and conditions, analyze, and translate them into material that is accessible and functional for a variety of audiences; and
(3) compassion and empathy for those navigating the system and working to make it better.
Luckily, I have had a chance to work with Yvonne much longer than 30 seconds, and know that her joyful personality makes collaboration fun, too. She has my full recommendation.”
Annie Alley
Alley Business Communications LLC

“If I needed someone to research treatment options, to find ways to access benefits or services, to build bridges between clinicians — I would trust Yvonne to be among the best advocates I could have in my court.
She is a team player and a natural collaborator and coalition builder, exhibiting exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of her work. Her kindness, calm and respectful attitude, and exhaustive research make her an extraordinary patient advocate.”
Laura Weil, MA
Graduate Faculty
Sarah Lawrence College Health Advocacy Program

“Yvonne Bokhour, simply put, is a great force to be reckoned with and inspired by.  A truly rare and greatly needed blend of vision, determination, intuition, compassion, and integrity. She has the ability to identify needs, uncover effective and creative solutions, bring the correct parties together, and turn goals into measurable results.
Yvonne's presence, skills, and unique blend of working simultaneously in the micro and macro aspects of an issue, invites a natural environment of collaboration.  She effectively supports and expedites both the process and the desired outcomes.  I recommend Yvonne Bokhour with confidence and gratitude for the services she provides.”
Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT

“Thoroughly and meticulously devoted to each and every project, Yvonne offers an extensive knowledge base and a dependable, determined ability to leave no stone unturned.  She is readily able to interpret complex medical data into clear, understandable concepts for patients as well as provide in-depth accurate health information.
Her soft-spoken demeanor easily comforts those experiencing stressful, medically complex situations and reassures patients that having her as a patient advocate lessons their burdens.”

Paula C. Rapp, RN, MA
Founder and President 
GreenPear Health (Medical Records) 

“Yvonne Bokhour brings to the field of health advocacy a well-honed knowledge of the issues pertinent to patient care and system organization.
Her work in Lyme disease and analysis of medical and scientific research from a consumer-advocate standpoint expertly informs the delivery of her services. Hers is a unique, customized approach to patient care, which should be applauded.”

Leo J. Shea III, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Services, P.C.

“Whether monitoring cutting edge research or finding an educated physician, Yvonne’s contribution to our patient advocacy group was inspiring to all. She is tireless in her efforts to help families navigate the complex process to receive needed care.
Yvonne is dedicated and highly organized. These are traits that are required to help patients who suffer from chronic diseases that devastate their lives.”

Greg Torski, MBA
National Research Fund for Tick-Borne Diseases, Inc.

“A joy to work with, Yvonne always brought her keen intelligence and fine analytical abilities to all challenges and discussions. She is resourceful, highly organized, shows exceptional attention to detail and possesses outstanding research and writing skills.
In addition, she never failed to motivate and inspire her colleagues. She has my highest recommendation.”
Christine Stroup, RN, BSN

In keeping with the Code of Ethics presented by the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, Sweet Water Health Advocates will not accept remuneration for making referrals to other providers or services, nor steer clients to products or services from which we stand to profit financially or earn a commission.