For Patients and Caregivers
Sweet Water Health Advocates hopes to relieve the burden that comes with illness by extending a hand during a challenging experience. When you are sick, or when you are worried for a loved one, it may be difficult to take the steps needed to make progress. Researching treatment options or health care facilities may be overwhelming and even physically impossible.
Sweet Water Health Advocates aims to provide—with expertise, compassion and care—the reliable information you need to make informed decisions. We cannot replace medical advice, but we can supplement your knowledge using sound educational resources.
Listening carefully to your needs, we’ll help craft a plan of action. Would you like more information on your condition, your treatment choices, or the health care providers available to you? Do you need to gather medical records, compile your medical history, or prepare questions for your next appointment? Sweet Water Health Advocates can help every step of the way.
For those who are able and willing, Sweet Water Health Advocates offers the tools needed to self-advocate. We will share our resources so you know where to turn for dependable information and how to collaborate effectively with your health care team.
Although serious health issues may be among life’s most difficult obstacles, infirmity can also be a time of great connection—a chance to receive concern, understanding and knowledge. Sweet Water Health Advocates hopes to help you along a difficult path with positive support and accurate information.
Patient and Caregiver Services
We reduce the burden of illness on patients and caregivers with reliable information that fosters efficient communication, sensitive collaboration, and informed decision-making.
Your personal health advocate will develop a customized action plan and may:
Research medical topics using well-respected third-party resources to better understand:
Diseases and conditions
Diagnostic procedures
Treatment options including risks and benefits (informed consent)
Clinical Trials
Medical terms
Identify well-qualified health care providers at the local or national level, including:
Behavioral health services
Senior care facilities 
Holistic practitioners
Use quality benchmarks such as malpractice or infection rates to inform the analysis of different providers
Arrange, coordinate and prepare for medical appointments. Preparations and follow-up may include:
Developing lists of questions 
Gathering medical records
Communicating with other providers
Arranging second opinions
Prepare a medical history to offer providers
This easy-to-carry document (also available electronically) provides essential medical information often forgotten during emergencies, increasing convenience for patients and providers, and ensuring the best care possible. The medical history will include:
Significant health issues, past and present
Drug and other allergic reactions
Other vital medical information 
Teach patients and caregivers to find reliable health care information
Identify well-respected websites, resources, applications and patient advocacy organizations
Assist with health care proxies and living wills

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