Sweet Water's Mission
Sweet Water Health Advocates strives to relieve suffering in individual patients and promote health in society as a whole. We advocate for both people and causes through research and communications services.
Our clients include patients struggling with health conditions, personal and professional caregivers working on others’ behalf, and fellow advocates determined to advance public health initiatives.
Listening carefully to patients and their caregivers, we develop personalized action plans that organize, educate and prepare them to face health challenges.  
Our intimate knowledge of patient needs in turn inspires compelling research and communications materials for use by practitioners, non-profits and other advocates in their efforts to improve human health.
Our Values
We aspire to:
Promote patients’ rights and informed decision-making. While we are not physicians, and cannot draw conclusions for our clients, we can help clarify their choices with reliable information.
Foster respectful, productive interactions between patients, caregivers, and providers.
Conduct meticulous research using trustworthy resources.
Value our clients’ privacy. We will protect the confidentiality of their personal, business and medical information.
Advance public health with well-researched, well-crafted materials, reflecting a deep understanding of patients’ experiences.
In addition, Sweet Water Health Advocates LLC adheres to the Code of Ethics presented by the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. Click here to review the Code of Ethics.


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